The Sunday Beauty Spotlight – January 13, 2019

Hi all! Not only is it 2019, but we’re already nearly halfway through January. I think most of my beauty blogging friends are getting back into the groove of posting some great reviews on new products, as well as offering some great tips and beauty advice.

I’ve been doing some organizing and decluttering in every aspect of my life to start off the new year. It’s something that I’ve really needed to do for the past few months. I feel like the clutter was getting slightly overwhelming. I’ve armed myself with oversized plastic storage boxes and my music playlist while going through my office. I can’t believe how much I have. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with everything.

So far, my favorite discovery of the new year is my new Ember mug that my daughter bought for me for Christmas. She knows that I get so busy while drinking my coffee in the morning that I leave my coffee mugs all over the house, only to drink cold coffee. Not any more! This mug is the best! It keeps your coffee at whatever temperature you set it to (you do this with your smartphone). My coffee is currently 145 degrees and will stay that temperature until my last sip. They also make a travel mug for coffee on the go! You really need to check these out.

the Ember mug will keep your coffee hot

You can click on the mugs below to shop right here. These are affiliate links which means that I make a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support my blog and I really appreciate your support!

beauty spotlight weekly beauty roundup

This week’s Beauty Spotlight Team roundup has just a few posts.  Be sure to check them all out:

Never Say Die Beauty shares the Best Bath, Body and Hair Products that she tried in 2018!

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog’s love affair with all things Charlotte Tilbury is going strong, and we think the Hollywood Complexion Brush is definitely a covet-worthy must-have multipurpose beauty tool! #charlottetilbury

If dry skin is something that you deal with during the winter months, you’ll want to see Stacie’s tips and product recommendations on The Makeup Obsessed Mom.

Who says sunscreen isn’t needed in winter? Marcia from not only says you need it all year but she even has a great giveaway for Zinc It Over. You’ll love the sunscreen and your skin will love you.

Have you tried the Becky G x ColourPop collaboration? It’s muy caliente, says Shipra of Taneja’s Bride.

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