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Do you ever feel like you need to escape from life for a little while? I love to escape to my bathtub to soak away the realities of life, especially on cold winter nights. Village Naturals Aromatherapy recently introduced some limited edition products in their Iceland and Fiji themed collections. The collections include epsom salt bath soaks infused with plant-based ingredients and they smell great. After a soak with these aromatherapy products I’m ready to face whatever’s coming next in my life.

The Fiji Collection is made with “detoxifying Himalayan salt, this naturally pink soak offers 84 natural minerals and dissolves quickly in warm water, leaving glistening beads of oil on the water’s surface. The Fiji collection is infused with Village Naturals Aromatherapy’s exclusive fragrance of exotic fauna and florals mingled with heavy ocean winds carrying the waft of intrigue from a nearby flame.”

The Iceland Collection has a fragrance that “evokes a cool burst of wind rushing up the Westfjords Alps while lifting notes of snow, mountain flower and fresh moss. Iceland offers the naturally-derived, carefully curated ingredients of omega-3 rich camelina oil, smoothing Icelandic moss and hints of shimmering light from delicate mica.”

Village Naturals Iceland lighted candle

The Iceland Collection also has a bath bomb with a lightable candle that is custom tooled in the shape of a volcano. “Your bath will be transformed into an icy blue lagoon and the candle will continue to float long after the bath bomb has dissolved.” This scent brings back fond memories of our family vacation to Iceland with a day spent at the Blue Lagoon.

Iceland blue lagoon

Take me back to The Blue Lagoon


The products in their Cold and Allergy Relief line have been helpful to my husband who suffers from some of the worst allergies I’ve ever seen. He’s highly allergic to mountain cedar and suffers every year from December through February. I was excited when these products landed on my doorstep hoping to see if they could give him some relief. He took a long soak with the bath salts and used a shower bomb and reported that he could breathe better after each use. It’s nice to know that these products really did help him. As a woman who has “one of those husbands” who acts as if he’s taking his last breaths when he’s not feeling well, these products are a godsend to me!

The Cold and Allergy products and the Limited Edition Fiji and Iceland products are available until March 10th at select Target stores and on I suggest grabbing some so you’ll be stocked up if you need them throughout the year.

Have you tried any Village Naturals Aromatherapy products?

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