The Sunday Beauty Spotlight – December 23, 2018

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’m back from my first beach vacation of the season. To say that it was a delightful getaway would be an understatement. I love going to the warm places and doing a whole lot of nothing this time of the year. That’s exactly what I did, so I’m feeling fulfilled.

However, now that I’m home and Christmas Eve is tomorrow, I’m in full panic mode! I have to go buy food for two meals and finish up my shopping. There’s nothing like waiting until the last minute! Does anybody else do the same thing? I let this happen to myself every single year since we always travel the week before Christmas. I always say I’m going to complete everything before we leave for vacation and it never seems to happen.

Merry Christmas

I hope every one of you is having a wonderful and joyous holiday season with loved ones and friends!

If you’re so inclined to be reading about beauty and lifestyle posts over coffee this morning or if you’re taking a break from wrapping gifts, I have some great posts to share with you this week from the Beauty Spotlight Team.

beauty spotlight weekly beauty roundup

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog loves eco-luxe beauty products and has a wonderful list of green beauty gifts and stocking stuffers for the holidays!

Need some help stuffing a beauty-themed stocking? Pammy Blogs Beauty has some great ideas for you!

Let’s start thinking about New Year’s looks! Never Say Die Beauty recommends long wearing, crease and transfer proof, non-drying ybf Liquid Star Shadows for the perfect holiday shimmer!

Have you heard of Eddie Funkhouser? His cosmetics have delighted Beauty Info Zone for a few years and now he’s back with some fabulous items for us.

Are you already thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? If health, fitness and self-care are on your list you’ll want to check out the program that Stacie from Makeup Obsessed Mom is using.

Prime Beauty has the ultimate delight you need for after bath or just luxuriating at home from Thirsty Towels.

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