The Sunday Beauty Spotlight – January 20, 2019

Happy Sunday Friends! We’re another week into the new year and I feel like I’ve gotten more “things” done, however that didn’t include blogging much. I started the year out with some grand plans. However, I ended up getting sidetracked and working on other projects. Funny how easily that happens.


I’ve been prepping for my upcoming Girls’ Getaway cruise. I’ve been doing some organizing in my life and in my home. And I’ve actually been watching a little bit of Netflix. That last one is pretty hard to imagine because I’ve heard for years how friends of mine watch Netflix all the time and I never really used my account. Like the rest of the world, one of the shows I’ve been watching is Tidying Up. I’ve tidied up some, but all I think of now as I go through all facets of my everyday life is “Does this bring me joy?” LOL! Who else is on this train with me??

This week’s Beauty Spotlight Posts:

beauty spotlight weekly beauty roundup

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve is the ultimate holy grail cream for very dry hands and feet this winter season, and for Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog it is, without question, the most-reached for magical healing cream! #kiehls

Prime Beauty is starting off the New Year with a new effective and highly affordable skincare routine. Learn about the new Alpha Skin Care!

Check out how Pammy Blogs Beauty whitens her smile with this new Sonic Brush set System from LUSTER!

Never Say Die Beauty is thrilled that L’Oreal launched a fragrance-free version of Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tone Moisturizer as well as new Rosy Tone Mask and Hydra-Nutrition All-Over Honey Balm that are perfect for winter, very dry skin and mature skin.

Do you pick a word or a mantra to concentrate on each year? See what Stacie from The Makeup Obsessed Mom chose as her word. It may inspire you to do the same.

Beauty comes in all forms and Beauty Info Zone wants you to appreciate the beauty in your home. One way is to renew your bathrooms with Thirsty Towels. You’ll fall for these plush updates once they are in your life.

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