Super Sunday

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to Super Sunday.  Happy Father’s Day to the men in your lives as well.  My dad lives in Florida so I haven’t spent Father’s Day with him in a long time.  Unfortunately he is spending his Father’s Day in a rehabilitation facility.  He recently had hip replacement surgery and is non-ambulatory.  He actually hasn’t walked in almost a year.  I pray that he’ll get better soon and be able to enjoy life again.  It’s been quite the challenge since my mom passed away back in 2012.

My kids and I purchased a new barbecue grill for my husband for his gift this year.  We all love the taste of grilled food, along with the laid back carefree summer nights that are usually the ones meant for grilling.  Since moving to this house in late 2014 we haven’t had a grill.  The old house had a built-in outdoor kitchen.  We’ve really missed it.  The George Foreman grill and Wolfgang Puck indoor grills were okay, but now we’re ready for the real thing.

In staying with the theme of grilling here and the long summer days ahead, I thought I’d share some grilling recipes that I found on Pinterest.  Please let me know if you have some good and easy to do grilling recipes.

grilled potatoes

Easy Grilled Potatoes via Pinterest

honey grilled pork chops

Honey Garlic Pork Chops via Pinterest – I’ve made these in the oven and my family loved them

grilled fish taco recipe

Grilled Fish Tacos via Pinterest

I hope you’re all having a Super Sunday and a Happy Father’s Day!


    • Stacie
      June 22, 2015 / 12:44 pm

      Pinterest has such great recipes, don’t they! If only I were a better cook. I can definitely grill better than use an oven. Thanks for stopping by! Stacie xo

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