Optimistic Monday

My goals for last week:

1.  Start my fundraising for the AIM at Melanoma walk that is here in Dallas in May.

Here’s my link:
(Please donate if you are able.  They must find a cure for melanoma skin cancer!)

2.  Figure out how to get more recipients to receive cards through my Give A Smile Today site.
I’m doing what I can to network with others.

3.  Send out a few packages.
Yes, I sent out what I need to.  More this week.

4.  Get in a few walks and some pilates.
I did a minimal amount of walking and a bit of pilates.
2/5/13 2.77 miles, 2/7/13 3.03 miles
I think it’s time to kick it up!

5.  Blog networking.  
I did some of this.  I always love to read other blogs and meet new people.

My goals for this week:
1.  Walk
2.  Look into volunteer positions
3.  Blog posts
4.  Lunch with girlfriends
(It’s my birthday week, so everyone wants to go eat!)

That’s it!  I’m going to keep it simple this week.

What are you doing this week?

Link up below if you want to share your goals or a positive post.
I’d love to have you!

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