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Exercise…  I’m not sure if I love it or if I hate it.  I think I love it (most of the time)!  I prefer walking and have been a “walker” for most of my life.   I have had an occasional affair with jogging, but I know that walking is probably better for my joints.  Walking is my time to think and release stress and ponder about life in general.  Sometimes I laugh.  Sometimes I cry.  It’s quite therapeutic!  I have a friend that I walk with, but I’d say that I walk by myself most often.  I’m good with that.

I recently noticed that many of my Youtube and Instagram friends have been talking about their Fitbits.  I’ve been using the Nike+ tracker for many years to track my miles but this one sounded different and fun.  I did a little bit of investigating and decided to purchase the Fitbit One.  I do still use my Nike+ at the same time because that one tracks my mileage by a small device in or on my shoe.  I’ve tracked so many miles on that one that I don’t want to stop using it.  I clip the Fitbit tracker to my waistband or my sports bra and off I go each day.  You keep this tracker on even when you sleep as it tracks your sleep patterns.  If you’re using it for weight loss you can track your calorie intake and many other features as well.

I’ve been using my Fitbit One for less than 2 weeks and I’m loving it so far.  I purchased mine for $99 at Walmart.  I find it interesting how much more motivated I am to walk extra steps each day.  Since many of my friends use the Fitbit system we have become friends on the website.  Our miles are recorded and tracked.  We can see one another’s progress.  We can cheer each other on or we can taunt each other.

Do you have a Fitbit device?  If so and you want to be friends you can add me.  My email for that site is  I’d love to have more fitness buddies!

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  1. March 14, 2014 / 7:02 pm

    I have heard about the FitBit- what a great way to stay accountable in your exercise! I look forward to hearing more about your FitBit “relationship!”


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