Clientele Elastology Skincare Starter Kit

*Clientele Beauty provided these products for review. All opinions are mine and aren’t influenced by anyone else.

Are you constantly on the lookout for good skincare? You must know by now that skincare is one of my passions. I’m all for using products that are good for my skin that will help with the aging process. As we age we start to see the effects of gravity. We loose collagen and the elasticity in our skin which makes our skin start to sag. Some of us are a bit (or a lot) luckier than others. I was recently able to try out the Clientele Elastology Skincare Starter Kit. This is a great way to be able to try out an entire line of products without investing a lot of money.

Clientele Beauty has been around for over 40 years. They are a cruelty-free company. They were one of the first companies to promote nutritional skincare on the inside in conjunction with skincare products on the outside. In addition, Clientele’s products contain an ingredient which is an extract of the Sacred Lotus Seed. Clientele has been awarded a United States Patent for Lotus Seed Anti-Aging Technology. You can read more about their special ingredient on their website.

Clientele Elastology skincare kit

A few months ago I did one of those home DNA tests that determines the skincare concerns based on your own DNA. I found it to be pretty fascinating. If you’re interested, you can read that post HERE. My results revealed that my areas of concern are collagen quality and skin elasticity. I completely agree with that based on the current appearance of my skin. That is why I was so excited to try this particular skincare regimen from Clientele. It has every single item needed for a complete morning and evening routine. It comes with a nice little bag to throw into your suitcase, purse or carry-on so you can keep up with your routine no matter where you are.

Everything you need is in this nice little travel size kit. The following are included for only $49.95:
  • Gentle Soy Antioxidant Wash (2 oz) with Double Action Sponge – Extra gentle, pH-balanced cleanser with Lotus, Soy Protein, Aloe, Green Tea and skin beautifying vitamins A. E and Panthenol. Great for all skin types.
  • Lotus Firming Serum (0.5 oz) – Over 15 anti-aging ingredients make this the ultimate anti-aging skin cocktail to target age-prone areas.
  • Fortifier (0.5 oz) – Smooth away the look of fine lines with Matrixyl(R) and Cohibin(R) Peptides. This serum nourishes the collagen matrix of your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles while strengthening and firming delicate skin.
  • Age Blocker SPF 30 (0.6 oz) – A Sunscreen & Moisturizer in One! Contains 10 antioxidants including S.O.D., Pine Bark, and Co-Q10, plus Aloe, Enzymes and Sacred Lotus Seed Extract. Protects from free radical damage and provides lasting hydration for up to 72 hours.
  • Firming Night Cream (0.6 oz) – Moisturizes and lubricates your skin each night, so you awake with smoother, softer skin.
  • Lip Firming Serum (0.17 oz) – Rich in Sacred Lotus and firming Coneflower, this serum smoothes the lip and mouth area and diminishes the look of feather upper lip lines.
  • Firming Eye Cream (0.25 oz) – Helps smooth, firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes with Sacred Lotus, S.O.D, Aloe, Vitamins and Algae Extract.

Sometimes when I get so many skincare products I feel a little overwhelmed at where I should start. In this case I decided to start off gradually so I could make sure each product agreed with my skin. I decided to use them in the order that they were listed on the package insert. I started with the Gentle Soy Antioxidant Wash and the Double Action Sponge. This is a nice creamy cleanser that removes makeup and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. I really like the sponge because it is gentle on the skin, yet it adds a little bit of extra exfoliation when cleansing. I immediately started off using the Lip Firming Serum as well.  I have those ugly vertical lip lines and add products to help improve that area as soon as I get my hands on them. I’ve been using this serum in conjunction with a few beauty tools for that area.

Elastology facial wash

The cleanser and foam-like sponge

These are the different creams that come in this kit. They come with a plastic spatula to scoop the product out of the jars.

Elastology skincare serums

These are the three different serums included in the starter kit. You can see in the photo below how nice and fluid they are. They absorb into my skin almost instantly. They’re not tacky and my skin feels quite smooth after application. I can immediately apply my makeup which is important to me since I always seem to be in a rush these days.

Clientele Elastology review

I added one product at a time into my skincare routine. It’s nice to have everything for a complete morning and evening routine within this 9 piece kit. I alternate the creams and moisturizers as I see fit for that particular day and it’s worked out well for me as some days my skin is drier than others.


The first thing that I must say is that there is little to no scent in all of the products. That’s a big winner for me as I’m highly sensitive to fragrances. Every one of the products absorbs easily into my skin. I can use several of the products under my makeup and they don’t interfere with the application. Overall I would say that my skin is looking pretty good. I can’t say that I’m looking more youthful yet, but it takes a greater amount of time to see the big changes that I desire. This was a great way to sample so many products from a single skincare line at one time. At just under $50, this kit is cost effective considering the fact that you get everything you need for about 30 days of skincare. I think all skincare lines should offer a starter kit like this.

You can check out these and other products from Clientele Skincare here. Use Promo Code: SB10G

What do you think of this anti-aging skincare kit from Clientele? Do you like trying starter kits like this one? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Avatar March 26, 2018 / 8:54 am

    I have never heard of this brand before, but it sounds promising. I like the sound of that cleanser.

  2. Avatar March 26, 2018 / 11:27 am

    I have never heard of Clientele Beauty before but this anti-aging starter kit sounds fabulous. I love this kind of started kits because it lets me try the product without the need to buy the full size products.

  3. Avatar
    March 26, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    They sound like a wonderful company. I love being able to try products out before investing in the full size.

  4. Avatar March 26, 2018 / 6:15 pm

    Good to know theirs are unscented. Fragrance can be a turnoff to me when it comes to skincare

  5. Avatar March 26, 2018 / 7:18 pm

    The kit is perfect to learn if the line works for you and if it does work for you then you could buy one for travel. I start things slowly too with a new skincare line to make sure that each item works. I’ve heard of Clientele before, I’m pretty sure it was originally sold in dermatologists offices.
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  6. Avatar March 26, 2018 / 11:09 pm

    I love that they don’t add fragrance – WHY do skincare brands do that? The price is very reasonable too!

  7. Avatar March 27, 2018 / 12:58 am

    I’ve heard of this line and have always been curious about whether it really worked. The price for the started kit is really pretty reasonable for a specialized line,

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