Oprah Magazine Circle of Friends Beauty Box

Are you a beauty subscription box addict like me? If so you might want to take a look at the Oprah Magazine Circle of Friends Beauty Box. The box is part of the O Circle of Friends program that I subscribed to. As a huge Oprah fan I knew this was something I needed to be a part of. The price for this program is $129 for a value of over $420. The following information is taken straight from the O Circle of Friends site:

O’s Circle of Friends is a special annual membership club that gives you access to a unique collection of perks and privileges that will deepen your connection to the world of O and Oprah Winfrey.

Circle of Friends Box

If you are not already a member, be sure to sign up today to start enjoying the all ALL NEW O’s Circle of Friends club membership at ocircleoffriends.com. Enjoy these great benefits below and insider access at a new low price:

  • DELUXE SUBSCRIPTION TO O, THE OPRAH MAGAZINE (both print and digital editions)
    • Previews of products featured on The O List plus discounts on select items
    • Advance notice of ticket sales to O special events
    • Easy entry into all O sweepstakes and contests
  • BIRTHDAY CARD FROM OPRAH (my birthday is next week, so we’ll see if I actually receive a card)

Note: If you are already a subscriber to the magazine, your subscription will be extended for a full year.

I’ve received 2 boxes so far. I believe one is my welcome box and the second is one of the seasonal boxes. These boxes are put together by Glossy Box specifically for O Magazine. Just like other subscription boxes, each box comes with a card that has descriptions of the products.

O Circle of Friends box description

Products in my first Oprah Magazine Circle of Friends Beauty Box:

  • Emite’ Lip and Cheek Tint – A natural pop of color for lips and cheeks in a universally flattering shade. I like the way this leaves a stain on my lips. Full size $19 for .2 ounce
  • Babor Masterpiece Ampoule Set – Skincare superheroes designed to instantly repair and protect dry skin. Full size $38 for seven ampoules
  • Simply Venom Night Cream – Night cream with antioxidants and peptides to improve skin texture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Full size $69 for 1 ounce
  • Eyeko Fat Stick in Satin – A metallic eye makeup pencil in a nice neutral shade to transform your eye makeup with one quick swipe. Full size $12
  • Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat – This product is supposed to strengthen, brighten, seal and protect natural nails with Keratin. Full size $30 for .6 ounces
contents of the circle of friends box

Products in my first Circle of Friends Box

circle of friends swatches

Swatches of the two makeup products in this box

Babor Masterpiece skincare

The Babor Masterpiece Ampoule skincare set

As I researched further to get you all the information on this program it seems that maybe this is no longer an active subscription program that can be signed up for. I will reach out to their customer service department and will post an update on the information that I find out soon.

What do you think of this Circle of Friends Beauty Box and the program? Is it something that interests you or is it “just another Glossy Box” subscription with a few extra perks?

*I paid for this with my own money. All opinions are mine and aren’t influenced by anyone else.


  1. Avatar February 6, 2018 / 11:41 pm

    This is a very interesting mix of products.

  2. Avatar February 7, 2018 / 8:53 am

    This looks like a really good box! I had the same question that Marcia has about whether the $129.00 includes 3 boxes plus the subscription.

  3. Avatar February 7, 2018 / 7:06 pm

    It’s a bit pricey but I like that you got a good mix of products!

  4. Avatar
    Kathy Davis
    February 8, 2018 / 8:27 pm

    Happy Birthday a little early 🙂 I hope you have a great day.

    • Stacie
      February 9, 2018 / 11:11 am

      Thank you SO much!! Stacie xo

  5. Avatar
    February 10, 2018 / 11:37 am

    I saw this and thought it best to warn anyone who is signing up for this. I joined O’s Circle of Friends 2 years ago for a price of $299. This was supposed to include the magazine and numerous beauty boxes along with a special box for your birthday. I received a few issues of the magazine and that was it! I never received a beauty box nor did I receive a birthday box. I could not get my money back because by the time I realized that this was a bad decision, the bank said I had waited too long to file a complaint for a charge back on my credit card and they could not do anything because I had actually received a few copies of the magazine and they couldn’t be responsible for what the advertisement said as I did admit to receiving the magazine. I finally was able to find out who sent out the boxes and contacted them by phone and was told that the reason I had not received anything was because the boxes are done by Glossy Box and they had difficulty sourcing the items for the beauty boxes. I was told to contact the magazine who basically ignored me. I received none of what was advertised and lost the money. It was a complete rip-off and it is a shame that the magazine is using Oprah’s brand to sell something they do not send!

    • Stacie
      February 11, 2018 / 12:50 pm

      Oh no! That’s terrible! I remember it being pretty expensive when it first came out and I didn’t buy it then. I saw it advertised a few months ago for a lot lower price which is why I gave it a try now. I’ve liked Glossy Box subscriptions in the past so I find this to be a fun one for me. I hope you’re able to settle up with them and get your money back since you didn’t get what you paid for. Stacie xo
      Stacie recently posted…The Sunday Beauty SpotlightMy Profile

  6. Avatar
    February 11, 2018 / 2:06 am

    Happy Birthday! I joined Oprah Circle of Friends – last September and after four emails finally got my first box last week (same as you recently received) . I really liked the products but the subscription price YIKES for possibly three boxes ….. and a newsletter (mag & glossy box subscription is a better option for me).

    • Stacie
      February 11, 2018 / 12:53 pm

      Thank you!! It took a while for my first box to arrive too. And now I’ve gotten two of them, so I bet your second one will arrive soon too. I love the Oprah magazine and always have. You get the subscription and a gift subscription too. I think this is a fun and different program and hopefully they will improve it as time goes on and they learn from consumer input. Thanks for stopping by! Stacie xo
      Stacie recently posted…The Sunday Beauty SpotlightMy Profile

  7. Avatar
    Sheri Munoz
    March 20, 2018 / 12:31 pm

    Were you able to reach their customer service department? I actually want to cancel my subscription, but it keeps “auto-renewing”.

    • Stacie
      March 21, 2018 / 11:50 am

      I never did get a reply when I contacted customer service. However, after I contacted them I did start to receive my boxes. Keep trying their customer service email. Stacie xo
      Stacie recently posted…Fun New Vintage Cosmetic Company ProductsMy Profile

  8. Avatar
    May 3, 2018 / 3:21 am

    I subscribed to Glossy Box for a while, and they did a precise job. The attention to element was once terrific, and your container has that same look. Sounds like a accurate program for fans of Oprah coz you get the mag too.

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