Getting Rid of Age Spots

solutions 24 corrector sticks

Do you have dark circles, puffy eyes and/or dark spots?  Welcome to my world!  These things happen to nearly everyone as we age.  Sometimes we get lucky and mother nature and/or genetics are kind.  Other times we're not as fortunate and must resort to products to help us look better.  A few weeks ago I received three different products from the Solutions 24 Clinical brand.  These products have ingredients that are supposed to lighten dark under eye circles, lighten dark spots and reduce … [Read more...]

NUDESTIX for Neutral Makeup Looks

Nudestix review

I love neutral and nude makeup looks.  It's what I do.  I'm most comfortable looking natural.  How about you?  Do you like to use products that make applying your makeup easy?  Look no further than NUDESTIX.  These are makeup pencils that give new life to the nude makeup look.  The company was founded by sisters Ally and Taylor (you can see their gorgeous picture below) along with their mom.  They developed the line as "a simple collection of easy-to-use makeup crayons that cover all the bases … [Read more...]

Beauty Tips

beauty tips

Hi Everyone! Welcome to this week's issue of Beauty Tips! This is going to be a weekly round-up post of beauty tips from some of the top beauty bloggers. Tips will be included from the categories of makeup, skincare, hair care, nails, hygiene, product reviews, tutorials, etc. I'm sure that there will be something appealing to everyone.   Take a few minutes and browse around to find some topics that appeal to you. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: If you are a huge fan of BB Creams, then you … [Read more...]

A Brighter and Healthier Smile

Foreo ISSA toothbrush review

This product was provided for review.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced by anyone else. #ISSAbyFOREO #iFabbomember Taking care of your teeth is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health.  I'm sure you've heard that healthy teeth and gums help lead to a healthy heart.  There is now a new style toothbrush in town from the Swedish brand called FOREO.  The recently released ISSA is a very unique style toothbrush designed with cutting edge technology.  It has … [Read more...]

Beauty Tips

Roundup post, beauty blogger tips

Do you need some new beauty tips?  Have trouble finding the best techniques, products and advice when it comes to beauty products and makeup?  Look no further!  This post is a roundup from some of the top beauty bloggers.  Take a look and see if there's something that one of us is talking about this week that you need advice on or help with.  You won't be disappointed! TheFabZilla: Less Coverage but Killa Pout. TheFabZilla shares her recent CC cream discovery, Osmosis + Colour CC Cream … [Read more...]