Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Review

If you watch my Youtube videos you know that I am trying to learn how to perfect the winged eyeliner look. It was recommended to me that I start out using a cream liner. Of course I could not find a cream liner in my collection and had to purchase a new one. Since I had so much success with the Maybelline brand of cosmetics lately I chose one from this company to use during my practice. This one cost $6.99 at CVS drugstore.

The package contains one pot of gel eyeliner with a nice little eyeliner brush. I purchased the color Blackest Black. The package states that this eyeliner is “smudgeproof” and “waterproof.”  My first impression of this eyeliner is “wow”! The product has a nice creamy consistency. The color is very bold. It was very easy to apply along my upper lash line. Now I just need to practice, practice, practice until I perfect the technique and can produce the look I want. This product gets a thumbs up from me!


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    These are nice gel liners. They do dry out quickly though. The brush that comes with them should help with the wing liner since it’s thicker. :)

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    I’ve been wanting so badly to try the winged liner but my eyes are getting so hooded now that it just does not work for me. I’m currently just trying more eye care products to see if I can get them to lift a bit. If not I’ll just have to go with using Tammy’s(Uppiesbeads) recommendations for my eye shadows!

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